Substance use disorder means Drug addiction which is becoming a severe problem in younger youth. Drug addictions are a dangerous disease for all the people which results in death. It affects not only the addicted people but also the whole society and environment. These types of disorders affect a person physically as well as mentally. Some kinds of problems are which comes from drug addiction are:-

  • Change in behavior

Taking drugs regularly affects a person mind directly, and he/she always feels angry and hungry about drugs. It results in a total change in the behavior with others. Drug addicted people still think of taking the drugs, and there is blockage of other opinions in the mind that changes the behavior.

  • Effect physically

The drug affects every part of the body that results in physical breakage. It means one cannot do any work accurately and efficiently. It occurs in low physical performance and low work performance. Drugs contain so much toxic content, which is so dangerous in it. That is very harmful to one life, or it affects physical health so bad.

  • Red eyes
  • Decrease in coordination
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Money issues
  • Low appearance
  • Blood pressure issues are

Such types of problems that one needs to face during addiction, that are very harmful.


Many types of treatments are available for drug-addicted people. But one needs to follow them properly if he/she really wants to be in a healthy condition again. Such types of treatments are:-

  • Oral counseling

In this type of treatments, one needs to attend the oral counseling sessions which are specially made for drug-addicted people. In this type of sessions, one is diverted towards a healthy life. They learn how to become strong in every condition without taking the drugs as an answer to every solution. Mostly these sessions are conducted by the specialists.

  • Medication

In this type of drug addicted people go with particular medication to recover their health conditions. Doctors prescribe such kind of medication which changes the mindset and one can recover a healthy state easily. But such types of medications contain side effect also, so it is essential to take proper guidelines from a specialist.

So we can say that Drug addiction is becoming a more severe problem. But there are too many treatments to which helps a lot to recover healthy again.